Herbalife Advertising Ideas that Work!

Herbalife Advertising Ideas

So you just joined Herbalife as a brand new distributor…

…Congrats 🎉

…But now you're starting to wonder how to advertise your Herbalife business to get new customers!

…And that's perfectly natural.

Most people when they start an Herbalife business don't start out as advertising experts.

…So my goal with this post is to give you a bunch of Herbalife advertising ideas that work!

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So let's get right into the list of Herbalife Advertising Ideas now…

There are two main categories of advertising for your business which are: Free advertising or paid advertising.

First, we'll dive into…

Free Herbalife Advertising Ideas

The upside to “Free” is that it's FREE (of course).

The downside is that you are limited by your friend/follower count so it can be a slower way to build your business.

Idea #1 – Text Messages / Direct Messages

One easy way to get started is to pick 10 people that you know that you think would have some interest in the products…

(ie: you know they want to lose weight, they currently use supplements, you want to “buddy-up” on the program for accountability, etc…

Here's a sample text script…

“Hey I'm really excited because….(ie: you've lost 10lbs)…

I'm thinking about marketing this product for extra income…

But before I do any advertising I would like to have some of my best friends, try the product and give me their honest feedback about results, taste, etc…

Would you be interested in trying this out for me?”

Wait for their reply…

…then send them your HBZoom sales page for the 3-day trial pack.

Idea #2 – Social Media Posts

One of the biggest mistakes we see new Herbalife people making with organic posts is simply posting product images all day every day basically just saying “buy my stuff…buy my stuff”.

So what's a good idea for a post? Well, there are many…but…

…One great type of post is a “new client recognition” post.

Simply recognize your new clients, give them genuine praise, what you appreciate about them, and how excited you are for them (and why). Then give a link to your landing page where people can find out more information (if they want to). Keep it lighted hearted, fun and genuine.

Here is a sample post.

(We cover this strategy in-depth on our post called…. “How to Promote Herbalife on Facebook“.)

Idea #3 – “Wear the Button”

The Herbalife “Pin” comes with your starter kit and is a great way to generate a conversation.

The key to being successful with this strategy is to know what to say once someone asks you how!

The Lose Weight Now – Ask Me How button was started by Mark Hughes (the company founder) and so many people have worn it now that it's almost synonymous with the company itself.

Paid Herbalife Advertising Ideas

The upside to “Paid Advertising” is that it's faster!

The downside is that you are limited by your budget.

Idea #5 – FaceBook / Instagram Ads

Ads that you can run to targeted groups of people. The upside to paid ads is that it's highly targeted (for example, you can run a 3-day trial ad to people who are interested in weight loss centers) and that you can scale up your advertising to reach as many people as you want. The downside is that you are limited by your advertising budget.

Once you get your ads dialed in…it just becomes a matter of “how many leads and sales do you want?”…

For example…

Here is a test ad I'm running for the 3-day trial. So far its generated 480 leads at $2.64 per lead…and that's just 1 test ad! The opportunities are limitless.

Needless to say, this takes some time, some skill and some money to get dialed in…but it's worth it. If you want to shortcut your learning curve make sure to visit the link below.

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Which strategy are you most excited about learning? Which strategy fits the way you want to build your business? Let me know in the comments below.

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    • Hey Carrine, thanks for the question. We have a lot of leaders running FB ads. There’s a link to one of our free trainings at the bottom of that post that goes into more detail about ads 😉

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