You want to know the top 2 marketing mistakes I see Herbalife distributors making?



Mistake #1 – Not building an email list

It’s not your fault really, because most network marketers are still teaching old, slower methods that worked great in the 80’s.

But now we have the internet and technology that can speed things way up for people who use it correctly.

And today you’re in luck because I’m going to show you how to build an email list that makes sales – ALOT of them…

If you ask any big e-commerce company they will tell you that AT LEAST 30% of the sales come from email marketing.

So before we go any further…

…Are you generating sales from email right now?

If not, just think about what a 30% bump in sales would do for you!

How much bigger would your commission check be?

How many more customers could you be helping transform their health?

Probably ALOT!

So how does that work?

Just think about this.

The average e-commerce conversion rate (ex: your GoHerbalife site is an e-commerce site) has about a 1-3% conversion rate.

So 97-99% of the people that visit your site don’t buy.


What if you captured their email and contact info first before you send them to your GoHerbalife site?

That’s what we do with HBZoom.

We build “capture pages” and sales funnels specific to Herbalife so you collect the prospect’s name, email, phone, etc.. FIRST…then present them with the opportunity to purchase the product.

So let’s look at how that one change can improve your numbers.

30-60% of people “opt-in” (with their contact info) on your capture page

…The same 1-3% purchase right away

…But here is where things get REALLY exciting.

…Now you have all of those leads to continue following up with and sending more offers!

Once they are on your list you can promote anything you want!

…Invite them to a weight loss challenge

…Tell them about a new product launch

…Let them know you are looking for more coaches to join your team

…Whatever you want!

Of course, you don’t want to just send “pitch” emails all of the time you want to include valuable content as well like shake recipes, home workout ideas, inspiration, etc…

That’s why building a BIG email list matters!!!

The BIGGER the list, the more people you can help, the more sales you can make.


You get it now?

In my experience, you can bump your sales up 2-3x just by making this one switch.

Mistake #2 – Not emailing you list

Email is such a powerful tool if you use it correctly!

I was recently working with a prez team member who had a list of 650 contacts at the time – but she wasn’t doing anything with them! So I worked with her to write an email template to send to her list about an upcoming WLC, and she got 9 sales from sending that email template just 1 time!

Crazy, huh?

The cool thing with HBZoom is that I write email templates for you so you don’t have to be a copywriter to achieve success.

Of course, you’re welcome to create your own emails if you want to promote your business…

…but you don’t have to.

How nice is that?

As soon as you join HBZoom…

…I have a quickstart training called “Sending email” right on the dashboard that will walk you through sending an email template with just a couple of clicks of the mouse!

You can send one of our email templates and get sales for…

…3-day trials

…Weight-loss challenges

…Recruiting new coaches

…and more

Plus, I show you how to create massive duplication within your team using email.

It’s all done for you!

All you have to do is hit send…

Ready to get started with email marketing?

If you’re ready to start building your email list you have 2 options.

Option #1 – You can purchase an auto-responder (Generally starts $29.95 per month + and goes up from there depending on your list size) and you can write your own emails, create your own capture pages, set up your domain names, and website hosting, etc….


Option #2 – We have all of the tools you need inside of HBZoom including auto-responders, pre-written email broadcasts, and a done-4-you health and fitness newsletter completely customized to Herbalife distributors. Of course, you can write your own emails as well (if you choose to).

Of course, I’m a bit biased on what the best choice is – but it’s always good to know your options right? 

Click Here to try a 14-day trial of HBZoom and start building your email list today!

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