Herbalife Basic Training (For New Distributors)

Herbalife Basic Training

So you just signed up in Herbalife…


…Now you're wondering how to get started, right?

Well you're in the right place!

To be successful as an Herbalife distributor you'll need to learn skills in 3 specific areas.

#1 – Company & Product Training

#2 – Prospecting & Inviting

#3 – Helping Your Clients Get Results

Want to learn these skills step by step?

Create your free Herbalife Basic Training account and we'll walk you though each step with full videos, pdf downloads, word-for-word scripts and more! You'll also get access to our famous 10-5-1 training which walks you though selling your first 10 3-Day Trial Packs! **Must be an active distributor with an active distributor ID in the United States or Canada to create an account or you will be rejected**

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