So you just signed up in Herbalife…


…Now you’re wondering how to get started, right?

Well you’re in the right place!

To be successful as an Herbalife distributor you’ll need to learn skills in 3 specific areas.

#1 – Company & Product Training

#2 – Prospecting & Inviting

#3 – Helping Your Clients Get Results

Want to learn these skills step by step?

Watch the video now ? or scroll down if you prefer to continue reading…

Step #1 Create your free Herbalife Basic Training account with HBZoom

Theres 2 ways you can create an account.

#1 – 14-day trial of the full HBZoom marketing platform

#2 – Create a free Herbalife basic training account (With the option to upgrade at any time)

**Must be an active distributor with an active distributor ID in the United States or Canada to create an account or you will be rejected**

Once you’ve created your account you’ll see the “basic training” under “my training and DMO’s”

In the basic training, we’ll walk you through each step of…

…learning the Herbalife products

…learning the Herbalife compensation plan

…How to set you your GoHerbalife site

…And more…

Each step is complete with full videos, pdf downloads and more!

This is the foundation of your business. So don’t skip this step!

Once you’ve done that you’ll be ready to start getting customers in the next step…

Step #2 – Learn how to Sell Your first 10 3-Day Trial Packs

You’ll also get free access to our famous 10-5-1 training which walks you through selling your first 10 3-Day Trial Packs!

We call it the 10-5-1 training because when you use this proven method that’s how the numbers typically work out. For example, for every 20 invites you do, you can generally expect around…

  • 10 3-day trial pack sales
  • 5 new customers
  • 1 new distributor

This training includes…

…Word-for word invite scripts

How to Promote Herbalife on Facebook

…How to coach your clients through the 3-day trial pack for best results

…And more…

Step #3 – Plug your new distributors into this same training

Success in Herbalife is all about “Duplication”.

And now that you know how to get your first 10 sales you need to teach your team how to do it.

And the best way to do that…

…Is exactly how you did it.

Meaning plug them into the the exact training steps above and let them do the work.

Where a lot of new distributors make a mistake is they want to act like the “expert” and do all of the training for their team by themselves.

That might work when you have 1 distributor, or maybe 2…

But think ahead…

What happens when you have 1,000?

The best way to get every distributor trained in the exact same way is with a “system”

In other words, a step-by-step process that does that training for you (like the steps above)

That’s why we make this training free for you and your team.

I hope you find a ton of value in these steps…

…If so, let me know in the comments below!