So you’re building an Herbalife business…

…Why not own the stock as well!?

It’s easier than you think!

Keep reading the learn how to buy Herbalife stock right from your cell phone…

…Whether you want to buy a full share or even just a partial share to get started.

Step #1 – Set up a Free Account with Robinhood

Robinhood is great for several reasons. 

Here are just a few…

– Commission-free stocks, ETF’s and options

– Commission-free crypto buying (Bitcoin, Ethereum, etc…)

– Fractional shares (for beginning investors)

– High-interest rate savings account (coming soon)

– And more…

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(Your FREE stock will be credited once you fully set up your account and connect a funding source – ie: savings or checking account that you want to use to purchase stocks)

Set-up Your Robinhood Acct + Get a Free Stock

Step #2 – Search “HLF” Within Your Robinhood App

This will bring up the current market rate.

You can easily view the market rates over the past 1 day –> 5 years to see the growth.

Step #3 – Click the “Buy” button

In the top right corner, you can either select “shares” or “dollar amount”.

Shares – this would mean you want to buy at least 1 full share of the stock.

Dollar amount – you can buy “fractional shares”. So, basically, just choose the dollar amount you want to purchase. 

That’s it…


…You now own Herbalife stock!

*Disclaimer – I’m not an investment advisor. This is for informational purposes only. You are responsible for your own financial decisions.

Are you going to buy at least 1 share of Herbalife Stock?

Leave me a comment below…would love to hear from you!