How to Promote Herbalife on Instagram

How to Promote Herbalife on Instagram

According to Alexa, Instagram is the #20 most visited site in the U.S. (As of writing this post)!

What's most impressive is that the average user visits the page 9.54 x PER DAY!

In other words Americans are addicted to Instagram…lol.

So the opportunities to promote Herbalife on Instagram are enormous…


…You need to learn how to promote correctly!

If you read my post on “How to promote Herbalife on Facebook” you already know that if…

…Promote the wrong way…you'll alienate all of your friends (and you'll be left wondering why people won't buy from you or return your messages).

…Promote the correct way…and people will not only buy from you but they will be contact you asking how to order!

Instagram is very similar in terms of high level strategy.


Instagram is very different than Facebook in one particular way…

…You can only post 1 website link

…and it's in your BIO

So instead of rehashing the same strategy from “How to promote Herbalife on Facebook”

Let's cover how to optimize your Instagram profile and posts for more sales…

#1 – Optimize Your Instagram Profile

No doubt you Instagram profile should tell a bit about who you are but lets face it…

…People usually want to know whats in it for for them if they are going to engage any further!

So make sure you Instagram profile answers these questions…

  • WHO I AM

And don't forget the most important part!


Generally, you want this to be something that offers incredible value to your ideal client, FOR FREE / OR LOW COST that requires you prospect to “opt-in” to get more information.

For example, within HBZoom we have a Free 21 Day Home Workout Challenge that Herbalife distributors can easily add to their Instagram profile.

It provides huge value at not cost to the potential client and allows you to collect their contact information to follow up.

I highly suggest NOT use your GoHerbalife link. Because there are too many options for prospects –> And most people will leave without giving you their contact information –> Because it's mainly a shopping site.

Whereas if you collect their contact info first –> provide them value (ie: 21-day workout challenge, etc…) –> then you can send them to your GoHerbalife site whenever they are ready to buy.

Make sense?

Which leads me to the next point…

#2 – Add a “Call to Action” to Your Posts

This really doesn't need a long explanation.

It's as simple as anytime you post something product related (ie_ you share a before /after testimonial, a lifestyle photo of you using the product, etc…)…

just add something like…

“Check the link in my bio to get a 3-day trial pack”


“Click the link in my bio to learn more”

Here's an example of what that looks like…

How to promote herbalife on instagram

#3 – Sell Though “Content” and “Stories”

One of the biggest mistakes we see new Herbalife people making with organic post is simply posting product images all day every day saying basically just saying “buy my stuff…buy my stuff”.

So what's a good idea for a post? Well, there are many…but…

…Here's a few ideas

…Lifestyle photos

…Product placement photos

…Customer Before / after photos

…Client highlights

…and more

(We cover more Instagram post types and promotion strategies in depth in the training area of – including what to say, what images to post, how to follow up with prospects, etc…)

#4 – Use Paid Ads to “Scale Up”

Ads that you can run to targeted groups of people.

The upside to paid ads is that it's highly targeted (For example, you can run a 3-day trial ad to people who are interested in weight loss centers) and that you can scale up your advertising to reach as many people as you want.

The downside is that is that you are limited by your advertising budget.

Once you get your ads dialed in…it just becomes a matter of how many leads and sales do you want…

For example.

Here is a test ad I'm running for the 3-day trial. So far its generated 480 leads at 2.64 per lead…and that's just 1 test ad!

The opportunities are limitless.

Needless to say, this takes some time, some skill and some money to get dialed in…but it's worth it. If you want to shortcut your learning curve make sure to visit the link below.

(Want to learn more about how to use paid ads to promote your Herbalife business? Click Here to Learn how we help top leaders generate 3-5 buyer leads per day and up to 53 sales per month using paid Instagram ads)


Which strategy are you most excited about learning? Which strategy fits the way you want to build your business? Let me know in the comments below.

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