A look into the mindset of Herbalife’s visionary founder.

1) I can have everything I want and become who I want to become if I’m willing to work the plan.

2) Follow the system of successful people before me, if I want the same success.

3) Build a business with absolute, 100% integrity.

4) If I compromise my activity and don’t do the plan, I will fail.

5) I must do it UNTIL….

6) Everything is “No problem!”

7) I always do what is best for my distributors and the people first.

8) I can compress time by doing more and I will achieve more, faster.

9) Consistency will be the Cornerstone of my success.

10) Keep it simple.

11) Love and trust all the products.

12) I trust my upline implicitly and follow them exactly.

13) I always qualify for everything, no matter what.

14) Get as many people to qualify for all the events with you.

15) Everything must be duplicatable.

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16) I use all the products, everyday.

17) I never, under any circumstances, judge anyone.

18) I always paint the BIG PICTURE for everybody, no matter what. Let them decide.

19) I will give and invest a piece of me into the people.

20) I believe in everybody, that they can make it to the top, no matter what.

21) Take care of my family and nurture them always.

22) Always be the most excited and the most serious.

23) I always promote myself ahead, at least 90 days.

24) I always think bigger than I can imagine; favorite question – “and then what?”

25) Grow as a person and everything will grow around you.

26) The message is more powerful than the messenger.

27) I never violate these 3 rules with people: Always make them feel good about themselves first, Herbalife and myself.

28) Always make that little extra sacrifice; sacrifice is giving up something valuable today for something more valuable tomorrow.

29) Never, ever quit!

30) Always keep recruiting first line.

31) Always look the part.

32) I never forget where I came from. (Humble & Equal)

33) “Always be loyal to Herbalife.”

34) Always have FUN!

35) Always keep your humility.

36) Never forget numbers 1-35.

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