Who is Mark Hughes?

Mark founded Herbalife in 1980 when he was just 24 years old. The company’s goal was to market healthy weight loss products and generally change the nutritional habits of the world.

Even though Mark started out selling his first product, a protein shake, from the trunk of his car – He had a much bigger vision in mind.

He soon developed a direct-marketing plan that incentivized “distributors” to market the product to new customers by word and mouth as well as build a team of sales reps.

By 1982, just 2 years later, Herbalife was doing over $2 million per year in sales.

Today Herbalife does Billions of dollars per year in sales and helps millions of people around the world achieve optimal health.

Mark tragically died on the morning of May 21, 2000 at just 44 years old.

Mark Hughes Legacy has continued on in the company by the valuable sales lessons, quotes mentorship he provided to millions!

Top Mark Hughes Herbalife Quotes

“Care more about others and you will be taken care of.”

“If you want to compete with someone, compete with yourself. Be the best you possibly can every day.”

“Your success is only limited by your own imagination and your hard work.”

“If we want to make it a better world it starts with us. It isn’t going to happen with the election, it isn’t going to happen with our government, it’s going to be through people like ourselves, taking charge of our own lives.”

“A leader is one who knows the way, goes the way and shows the way.”

“It’s not important where I am right now, it’s important where I can be in the future.”

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